This is a tumblr dedicated to blogging and reblogging pictures of Ragnarok Online!

Ragnarok Online is a Korean MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), created by Gravity Interactive.
It's a fantastic game for both casual and serious gamers, with Party and Guild aspects, and a War system (War of Emperium, or WoE).
Over the years it has improved and upgraded, including new monsters, dungeons and maps, and castles and classes for the player to explore.

I do not own anything related to Ragnarok Online, nor do I own the pictures I post.
Some images/videos may be fan-made, while others are official art. Please understand that I do not have credit for every single picture I post, but I will provide it where I do have it!

piebutt said: Why not queue your posts?

I guess the biggest issue is not having the time to locate sources and images, queue them  and be on tumblr in general. ;( That’s what I was mostly getting at.

Posted 13 Sep

Cosplay: Ragnarok Online - 2-2 Class Professor
Cosplayer: Eclair-Nyanko
"Oh look, Rune-Midgard fell off the face of tumblr again!"

^ pretty much my life orz””

=A=’ I’m sorry guys. I try to make such a consistent effort to be online and blog or write to you guys. I recently started my degree program, which is going through some major changes. This includes doing my practicum in my three (instead of four) semesters, and taking more classes than I normally would. I’m currently enrolled in six classes (10h in-class, 6h online) and because of my practicum requirement, I’m also working part time, including juggling my personal life.

I apologize for bouts of inactivity here and there. This new school system is wildly new for me and I’m trying to adjust in anyway possible. I understand if some of you get frustrated with a half-active half-inactive blog, and for that I have to say that I am sincerely sorry.

I hope I can find a healthy medium that allows me to be consistent in every area of my life. ;~; I really wanna blog and look at all your artwork haha.

Posted 13 Sep

「じゃんぷ」/「ソウ」のイラスト [pixiv]

「ラグナロク」/「GUNNI」のイラスト [pixiv]

Commission…kinda 8D <3 For the wonderful Mowsette!!
Our Spice Crew characters: Anise (On left. hers) and Safron (right. Mine)! A TK Master and Royal Guard >w<!! Safron is using one of my top favorite skills: Devotion! c: